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The Building Workshop

In the Building Workshop, craftsmen toiled with the enormous quantity of materials used to construct Glimmingehus.

The late-medieval building workshops were rudimentary wooden huts in which craftsmen and labourers could work sheltered from the elements. You can see a reconstruction of one of these huts just west of the castle beyond the moat. Archaeologists unearthed the remains of the medieval building workshop on a site just south of the stone building. The reconstructed hut is used in our educational activities to demonstrate trades such as bricklaying, smithery and wattle and daub.

A long, low building with a thatched roof and open walls. A chimney is on the right side of the roof. The ground in front is paved with cobblestones. A tree stands diagonally behind on the right.

When the castle was built, the material was processed in the building workshop. Photo: Mats Larsson, CC BY