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Five things you won’t want to miss.

Is your time limited? Here are five things that you won’t want to miss on your visit to Glimmingehus!

The stone statue of the Wild Man is seen from the chest up. He has shoulder-length beard and hair and a slightly knocked-out nose. Directly behind you can see the castle's wall with lime plaster and brick.

Over the years, the strange wild man statue has contributed to a large number of legends. Photo: Bengt A Lundberg, CC BY

The Wild Man 

Glimmingehus is home to the limestone sculpture known as The Wild Man by master builder and stonemason Adam van Düren, a unique artwork in the Nordic region. The statue has stood in various places over the centuries, but is now in the upper vestibule on the first floor.

Grave sword 

In addition to finds from the moat, the museum collection includes Jens Holgersen’s two-handed sword, which was recovered from his grave in nearby Vallby Church. As well as being a unique artefact intimately connected with the man who commissioned the castle, it is also a rare example of medieval grave goods.

The view from the Shooting Loft 

From the Shooting Loft, you can keep watch for any approaching enemies. On a clear day you can see all the way to Bornholm! Look out of the southernmost window on the east wall of the loft.

Castle tours 

Join one of our experts for a guided tour of the castle to learn more about the history of the place and the people who lived there. Tours are intended for a mixed audience of adults and children.

The Pillory 

This is where those convicted by the strict Court Leet ended up – shamed in public as a warning to others. Please share your photos on social media using the hashtag Glimmingehus.

A man in medieval costume locked in the pillory in the castle yard. He is stuck with his hands and head in the log of wood. He has brown pants and a black cap.

In the castle yard, you can experience what it was like to be locked in the pillory for public viewing. Photo: Mats Larsson, CC BY