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The exhibition Castle Folk

 Here, you can meet the people who lived and worked at Glimmingehus over the course of 400 years, including a feared privateer, servants of all kinds, and a woman who was mother to 16 children!

In one way or another, all of them were closely connected to the castle. Glimminge, as the castle was formerly known, has had many owners down the years. Others have worked for them as chamberlains, maids, farm bailiffs or cooks. One even tried to demolish the castle!

The exhibition Castle Folk is intended to show aspects of Glimmingehus that people seldom see. The centuries may separate us, but we are still alike in many ways. The exhibition paints a fascinating picture of life at the castle through paintings, photographs and artefacts.

The exhibition Castle Folk with information signs on the walls and four display cases in the middle of the room. A supporting wooden pillar in the center of the room.

In Borgfolk, you meet a series of exciting figures from Glimmingehus' long-standing history. Photo: Peter Eskilsson, CC BY