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Visit the castle in 3D

You can visit Glimmingehus around the clock, all year round! Tour the many impressive rooms of Jens Holgersen Ulfstand’s magnificent medieval castle.

Here, you will find descriptions of everything from the roof trusses to the murder holes, from which the castle’s inhabitants could pour boiling oil onto uninvited visitors. There is one version designed for those of you who consider yourself adult, with somewhat more detailed descriptions of the castle. And there is a slightly more playful version for children – or those who are still in touch with their inner child – including a guided tour by the castle’s very own cat John Liontooth, or Jönsson as his friends call him.

Click on the image to explore Glimmingehus, or follow the links to each version below.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Illustrated map of the castle’s rooms

Here you can see all the rooms in the castle. Inside the door is also the lower entrance hall. Illustration: Helena Duveborg CC BY.