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Digital guided tour for adults

These pages contain descriptions for anyone interested in finding out more about the buildings and the interior and exterior details of the castle. Click on the links below to enter the thrilling world of the castle.

Borgen sedd från borggården, med trappan upp till porten strax till höger om husets mitt. Endast små fönstergluggar.
Shooting loft
Great Hall
Lady’s Chamber
Castle Hall
Upper Entrance Hall
Master’s Chamber
Cellar and kitchen
Entrance Hall
Food Cellar


The castle from the outside

The foundation stone of the castle was laid in 1499, the year carved into the stone tablet above the entrance.

The Entrance Hall 

Once here, we are within the doors of Glimmingehus, apparently not the easiest of tasks in the late seventeenth century.

The cellar and the kitchen

This is the heart of the castle! This is where bread was baked and meals prepared. It was also the heating source for the hypocaust.

The Food Cellar 

Practically situated adjacent to both the kitchen and the castle’s entrance, this room was probably used to store wine, beer and food.

The Castle Hall 

The Castle Hall is likely to have had many functions over the centuries since Ulfstand lived in the castle.

The Upper Entrance Hall

Along with the adjacent staircases, this room, known as the upper vestibule, was probably the hub of the castle.

The Wild Man 

In the upper entrance hall of Glimmingehus stands a statue of a wild man, known as The Giant. In the eighteenth century, it stood at the entrance to the castle.

The Master’s Chamber

Many of the rooms in the castle clearly had public or official functions. And many have certainly been used in many different ways. However, one can see from the design of this space that it was a private room.

The Great Hall

This hall was once divided into several rooms, the largest of which was probably used for entertaining. Appearances were crucial in the Middle Ages and the highest echelons of society took every available opportunity to impress.

The Lady’s Chamber

The most heavily decorated room in the castle is something of a mystery. It has been referred to as the chapel, due to the many Christian motifs carved into its stone.

The Shooting Loft

There are various theories about this, the castle’s largest room.

The Attic

You are now at the very top of the castle in its impressive attic.

A room with a vaulted ceiling and rough wooden floorboards. In the middle, the vault descends into a pillar with an octagonal table top around it. Fixed benches around the walls and deep window niches.

The castle hall was a grand gathering place for both the owners, their servants, and visitors. Photo: Fanny Runeby, CC BY