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Practical information and accessibility

Here you will find information about how we have tried to adapt the destination so that as many people as possible can visit us, and other practical information that is good to know before your visit.

Keep in mind that the castle can be a dangerous playground for children who are left unsupervised. It is the parents’ responsibility to supervise their children. Of course, the staff also try to be attentive to avoid accidents.

Practical information

Find us

Glimmingehus is located in the middle of the Scanian plain surrounded by fields. See Find us for information on how to get here.

The castle and one of the lhouses can be seen in the distance from a rape field. Both buildings have red roof tiles. The castle has gray stone walls and the house has peach-colored lime plaster. The sky is slightly cloudy

Glimmingehus is located in a lush field landscape. Photo: Jan Olofsson, CC BY


Adjacent to Glimmingehus there is free parking for cars and buses There is free disabled parking inside the entrance to the castle grounds. Sound your horn at the barrier and our staff will let you in.


Toilets can be found at the car park at the back of the entrance building, where there is also a disabled toilet with a changing table. At the castle yard, there are toilets in the Roaster’s house, but they are not fully adapted in terms of size. The café, on the other hand, has a disabled toilet, as well as a regular one.

Café Borggården

Here you can buy sandwiches, bread and cakes, as well as ice cream and drinks. Visiting only Mannz Bageri at Café Borggården is free, but requires a special sticker which is available at the entrance.

The café is mainly open during high season.

Packed lunch

It is perfectly possible to eat packed lunches in the castle grounds. Next to the building workshop there is a patio with tables and benches. There are also plenty of large, lovely grassy areas to sit on around the moat. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to sit under cover in case of bad weather. You will find bins in the area.

We would like to urge you to close your lunch bags properly if you leave them unattended. The birds at Glimmingehus like to take a bite!

Museum shop

You will find our shop in the entrance hall, where you can buy postcards, souvenirs and ice cream. During school visits, we like to see that the students are divided into smaller groups and that there is always an adult with them when they visit the store.


With us, it is permitted to photograph objects and all spaces. Feel free to take a selfie in our pillory. But watch your head!

Remember not to publish photos of others without their consent. The wild man greets that he likes to be photographed and that it is ok to post photos of him.


Unfortunately, we do not have lockers for storing bags or other belongings.


Accessibility to an old medieval castle can be a tricky topic. It is an authentic and exciting environment, but at the same time difficult to access for many. Contact us if you need help planning and adapting your visit and we will be happy to help you.

The castle yard

From the disabled parking there are paths adapted for wheelchairs into the castle yard. There are ramps to the cafe, museum and the Roaster’s House, which is used for educational activities.

See On Location for more information about what it looks like on the Castle Yard.

A house with yellow-orange lime plaster and red roof tiles is seen obliquely from the front from the castle yard. A ramp runs along the right side of the building up to the door in the middle.

There are ramps to the buildings in the castle yard, except for the castle. Photo: Mats Larsson, CC BY

 The Castle

Steep stone stairs and deep windows high above ground characterizes a medieval castle. Availability to the building is therefore limited. There is a handrail, but the steps are high and slippery. The castle is dim and lit only by sunlight and candles.

The castle has thirteen rooms. In all rooms there are large signs with easy-to-read text and pictures. The signs light up when you enter the room and go out when no one is there. At the moment the signs only have text in Swedish, but we are working on supplementing it with several languages.

Accessible tours

We are happy to show the castle using our scale and detailed castle model, as well as in the museum. We also offer tours in sign language. This does not only apply to booked groups, but individuals are also welcome to get in touch regarding customized viewings.

You can find an easy-to-read text about Glimmingehus here.

Digital guide as an aid

In the entrance, for a deposit, you can borrow a digital guide on a tablet with visual and sign language interpretation, as well as support for English, German and Danish.

A tablet with the digital guide on the screen is held up outside in front of the castle so that the screen covers the entire building except the roof.

Visiting the castle with the digital guide provides many perspectives on Glimmingehus' fascinating history. Photo: Mats Larsson, CC BY


Dogs are welcome in the area but are not allowed in the buildings. Guide dogs on duty may be taken into all buildings in the area.

Detailed information on availability at Glimmingehus

Glimminge houses are accessibility registered by Equality. On the page there is detailed information about availability at Glimminghus.

Contact us if you have questions or cannot find the information you need.