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Digital guided tour for children

These pages describe the castle for children – or those who are still in touch with their inner child – who would prefer slightly more playful tales.

My name is John Liontooth of Glimmingehus, but my friends call me Jönsson. I was the castle cat when it was built in the Middle Ages. At that time, Skåne belonged to Denmark and it was a wealthy Dane, Jens Holgersen Ulfstand, who built the castle.

Borgen sedd från borggården, med trappan upp till porten strax till höger om husets mitt. Endast små fönstergluggar.
Shooting loft
Great Hall
Lady’s Chamber
Castle Hall
Upper Entrance Hall
Master’s Chamber
Cellar and kitchen
Entrance Hall
Food Cellar

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Outside (Exterior) 

We can’t miss the outside – there are many important and quirky things here!

The Entrance Hall 

There, now we’ve arrived inside the door at Glimmingehus. Certainly not everyone got to do it in my time.

Cellar, well and baking ovens

Next to the kitchen is the cellar. Down here, I rarely got to be around the kitchen people. They were quite stingy, but sometimes they gave me a bowl of milk. That tasted good!

The Food Cellar 

This is the room where all food and drink was stored. Follow along and I’ll show you this kind of medieval pantry.

The Castle Hall 

Now you are in a room called the Castle Hall. Jens had many visitors that he received here.

The Upper Entrance hall

We have reached the Upper Entrance Hall now and here there was always activity and movement.

The Master’s chamber

There is a room called the Master’s Chamber. At some point you could probably get some quite time here, despite all the commotion.

The Great Hall and guestrooms

You are now in the main hall. It was previously divided into a large and several smaller rooms and many parties have been held in the large one!

The Lady’s Chamber

The Lady’s Chamber was Jen’s wife Margareta’s room. I think it was the nicest room in the house.

The Shooting Loft

This huge room is called the Shooting Loft. From here you had a good view around the castle, the windows were larger in the past than they are today.

The Attic

Now you are up in Glimmingehus’ attic. Here you have the best view in the whole castle, on a fine day you can see all the way to the sea from here!

The picture shows a cartoon ghost cat in black and white in front of the castle. The sky is overcast.

Photo: Mats Larsson, Hans Nilsson, CC BY