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Luntertun Artillericorp

These days, sparks are undoubtedly flying! Then Luntertun Artillericorp from north-west Scania will demonstrate the black powder weapons cannon and hook gun. The association brings to life the time around 1500 with a focus on black powder weapons – take the chance and experience real cannon shots!

The shooting demonstrations are done twice/day, at 12 noon & 2 pm. In between, you can visit their camp and see the manufacture of cannonballs, weapon maintenance, clothing and cooking, as well as medieval gambling. Welcome!

18 Aug


Event Information:

Location: Glimmingehus

Start: 18 August 2024 10:00

End: 18 August 2024 16:00


Mats Larsson

Marketer & pedagog

072 – 7026065


Published: 2024-06-27