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Theme - The medieval kitchen

Come and experience two days filled with historical food activities! What did the people of the late Middle Ages eat and drink in a place like Glimmingehus – and how did they cook it? In our atmospheric roastery – where food has been prepared for centuries – these fragrant experiences await you.

Culinary archaeologist Daniel has ongoing workshop – Medieval spice mixes, flavors and accessories – approx. 12-2pm and 3-4pm. With his help, you can mix spice mixes, mustard and other things that enhanced dining experiences in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Everything is based on what we know from medieval sources and recipes. Among other things, a mustard that comes from a Danish recipe from the 13th century is mixed.

Photo: Wikipedia, Public Domain.

4 Jul


Event Information:

Location: Glimmingehus

Start: 4 July 2024 12:00

End: 4 July 2024 16:00


Mats Larsson

Marketer & pedagog

072 – 7026065


Published: 2024-06-27