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Theme - Weapons, armor & archery

Jens Holgersen’s huge castle from the late Middle Ages is the perfect location for this exciting & popular theme!

During two days you can experience everything from armor testing, archery and knight school for sense and etiquette. For the little ones, we have the perfect practice of jousting skills. Plus medieval games and games!

The moments we bring to life have occurred during the time when the infamous knight, pirate & sheriff held the place with his family, and the castle’s shooting loft teemed with armed journeymen on guard.


26 Jun


Event Information:

Location: Glimmingehus

Start: 26 June 2024 11:00

End: 27 June 2024 16:00


Mats Larsson

Marketer and pedagog

072 – 7026065


Published: 2024-02-21