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The Herb Garden

Follow the moat northeast of the courtyard and you will soon come across the beautiful herb garden.

The Middle Ages were a golden age for herbal remedies. Herbs had a wide range of uses, from food and medicines to hygiene and beauty products. A herb with a pungent odour and strange appearance was likely to be the stuff of folklore and fanciful tales. While we cannot be certain that there was a herb garden at Glimmingehus, it is very likely that there was. The lady of the manor was expected to supervise the health of both her family and servants. The herb garden is widely used in our educational activities.

Close-up of the sage plant's oblong and gnarled green leaves. A little sunlight falls on them.

Sage was used both as a medicinal herb and as a food spice Photo: Fanny Runeby, CC BY

Plant beds in the herb garden surrounded by a wicker fence. To the left part of the park's trees and in the background a cornfield. The weather is sunny.

A herb garden had several important functions on a medieval manor. Photo: Mats Larsson, CC BY