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The Lady's Chamber

The most heavily decorated room in the castle is something of a mystery. It has been referred to as the chapel, due to the many Christian motifs carved into its stone. Today, however, it is referred to as the Lady’s chamber and is believed to have been used by the lady of the house, Ulfstand’s wife Margareta.

It was common for high-status medieval homes to have male and female quarters. Margareta, a member of the noble house of Trolle, was mistress of Glimmingehus. A stone carving at the entrance shows her with the keys to the castle hanging from her belt. She was mother to eight of Ulfstand’s nine children and judging by this room, she enjoyed the trappings of her rank. The room contains the most valuable sculptures in the castle and provides a high level of comfort for the period. Click on the model to explore the Lady’s Chamber.

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