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The Master's chamber

Many of the rooms in the castle clearly had public or official functions. And many have certainly been used in many different ways. However, one can see from the design of this space that it was a private room.

This is clear from details such as the drain, fireplace and the flue leading hot air up to the roof, part of the castle’s hypocaust. We believe that this was the private accommodation of none other than the knight Jens Holgersen Ulfstand himself.

In part, this assumption is based on the fact that the only decoration in the room is Ulfstand’s coat of arms. It is also referred to as his bedchamber in the oldest source dealing with the room’s function. This source is from 1676, however – i.e., 150 years after Ulfstand’s death – so we cannot be completely sure. In the next chamber there is a door to a toilet, or privy.

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