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The Shooting Loft

There are various theories about this, the castle’s largest room. It may have been intended for defence, its window openings equipped with cannons, or it may have been a banquet hall.

The 17 windows have secondary brick surrounds that reduce the size of the opening compared to their original design, but even now they are the largest windows in the castle and the hall would have had ample natural light and was probably sumptuously decorated, with beautiful leaded glass. While flat wooden ceilings were most common in medieval buildings, decorated beams and even open structures were also appreciated, as such complicated engineering was sure to impress guests.

There are no signs of decoration on the beams in Glimmingehus, but the shooting loft may well have once been open up to the rafters in what is now the attic. If this was the case, it must have been an impressive hall.

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