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The Wild Man

In the Upper Entrance Hall of Glimmingehus stands a statue of a wild man, known as The Giant. In the eighteenth century, it stood at the entrance to the castle.

 The figure has a central place in the rich folklore of Glimmingehus. Myths of the wild man have been popular since antiquity, and the Middle Ages were no different. He is a symbol of man living in harmony with nature as opposed to the modern, civilised man, for whom he also served as a social critique. The wild man was also a symbol of duality, of the idyllic combined with the primitive. The Wild Man of Glimmingehus gives a clean-cut impression and he has a firm grip on a rabbit, a common symbol of both uninhibited sexuality and of god-fearing man. The club in his other hand is a common attribute, here fashioned from an uprooted tree.

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